The Wine In The Sky Questionnaire


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Wine has always been as much about discovering tastes as it is a ritual of sharing. Taste and smell are two of the most powerful senses affected by the atmosphere in which they are experienced. When it comes to tasting wines in the air, these two senses work together, and the differences observed from tasting the same vintages while on the ground are immense. VistaJet Founder and Chairman Thomas Flohr realized that there was no practical guide to selecting the right wines to drink up in the skies. In the spirit of sharing, Flohr invited some of the world's foremost experts to sample wines with him, first at a vineyard on the ground and then in the sky, to specifically understand how flavors change at altitude. The result of the conversations and discoveries made on that trip is collected in this book. The Wine in the Sky Questionnaire seeks to serve as a friendly suggestion for tasting, serving, and transporting wine on global travels. AUTHOR: For eighteen years, Tom "Wine Chap" Harrow has written regularly about wines and winemakers for a variety of luxury titles, put together fine wine portfolios for clients around the world, and organised extraordinary wine and gastronomic experiences with luxury partners that have been described by the Financial Times as, "Sideways on steroids."