Good Enough Is Better Than Perfect

Good Enough Is Better Than Perfect

“Good enough is better than perfect” is one of my many new mantras as I enter 2019. So much has happened since I used to write a blog, but once again I feel drawn to come back to it to share. Writing is therapeutic to me, and I have truly found over the past year and half that opening up to those close to me or even those I may not know as well, is the first step in the healing process. A year and a half ago I had an experience that really rocked my world, and in many ways changed my life forever. I developed PTSD as a result of what happened to me, and believe my struggle to overcome the PTSD led me on a path to self-care and healing.

My life-changing experience in the Summer of 2017 left me in a place of darkness, one I had never been in before. I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel, and that scared me as I have always been able to see it. In a strange way, I am grateful for this experience, even though it was scary and painful to live through, as it led me on a path of self-exploration and fulfillment. I stand here today, a wiser, stronger, happier, more empathetic and fulfilled person than I ever was before. I no longer chase the light, I became my own source of light.

My goal with this blog is to share my journey, the good bad and the ugly, in the hopes that someone else going through a tough time can feel less alone, and maybe even benefit from what I went through. I was extremely lucky, I was surrounded by my husband, friends and family who not only held me up when I couldn’t hold myself, but shared their stories which gave me the hope I needed, to get to the other side.

For those of us looking for inner peace and happiness, there are so many different options available to explore. I truly believe the modalities I have been trying, learning and implementing over the past year and a half have helped me tremendously. I went to therapy, tried medication and learned how to meditate thru a very practical realistic program. I practice(?) energy healing and yoga once or twice a week with a local woman who is truly a ray of light. I started getting acupuncture and chinese herbs. I do NRT (what does this stand for?), I use crystals, I run, I eat well, I cry, I say what’s on my mind and I start every morning with a mantra that grounds me and starts my day with a grateful heart. Most importantly, I now accept and embrace that some days are better than others, and try to enjoy and even be grateful for the bumps in the road, as they often lead to self-growth and fulfillment.

My intention for this blog is to share what I found most helpful in my quest to heal, AND also, on a lighter note, the things that I enjoy in my daily life—my favorite skincare, make-up, snacks (for me and my kids), water bottles, cups, straws, drinks (anyone who knows me knows that my drinks alone could have their own blog, as I drink different concoctions all day every day), advice I have gotten, exercise classes, the list could go on…I am a terrible cook, but can make a mean smoothie or juice.
I have certifications in holistic nutrition and pilates, but I am not interested in teaching either. I am a constant seeker, not because I am bored or unhappy but because I am eternally curious and love to learn and explore. I would love to travel the world with my family and see everyplace there is to see (maybe one day). I am a mom to my three beautiful, insanely active and wild boys and my two (girl) dogs, I am a wife, friend, daughter, sister and I want to get the most joy and fulfillment out of this life that I possibly can. I want to seize the moments, soak them in, love with no regrets, laugh ALOT, and learn and share the most I can. I want my boys to grow up to be kind, happy, confident and loving, and know that they were raised by parents who loved and accepted them boundlessly and unconditionally. I want to share the things that are MANDAtory in my life and hope that many resonate with you.
The Wellground Collective was my DREAM, bringing together all the extremely talented clinicians, everyone from my favorite Brazilian Eyebrow lady from NYC that I still see monthly, to my amazing Facialist “psychic/medium” who helped change my life and my skin over eight years ago, to my energy-healing, yoga-teaching, reiki woman who helped me heal my mind and body AND clear my chakras all at the same time. I wanted a place where friends, and strangers could come and sit on a cozy couch, in a beaufully-decorated space, have a matcha or a celery juice and talk, share, shop, listen or just be. I wanted to offer all this, in the town I love and chose to raise my family. Port Washington is truly a special place, a coastal treasure on the North Shore of Long Island filled with the most beautifully diverse group of people, many of whom moved here looking for something a little different.

With the help of my partner Lanie Marcus we will bring you our favorites in healthy products, fashion, accessories, home goods and more. We have devoted endless hours researching and done the work for you to bring together the “best” people and products to share with you, in the town we all love so much. We hope you all love and enjoy playing in our Wellground!

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