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Facials by Loren
Facials by Loren

Facials by Loren



Loren’s facials are completely customized to your skins needs the day of your treatment.  Every facial begins with a skin analysis.  Clean beauty is part of her skin care philosophy so most of the products used in treatment are highly concentrated and active. 

Eyebrow Shaping

30 min | $50
Wax free, eyebrow shaping and trimming.

Quickie Facial

30 min | $96
Cleanse, steam, extractions and mask for your skin type. Perfect for teens or anyone that needs a quick fix.

Mini Dermaplane

30 min | $140
Cleanse, dermaplane, moisturize and you’re on your way with fresh new skin.

Mini “Facelift”

30 min | $150
Cleanse and Microcurrent for an immediate lifted and sculpted appearance. Results are immediate but cumulative for long lasting results.

Cleansing Facial

60 min | $225
Deep cleanse, steam, extractions, LED light therapy and mask for your skin type.


45-90 min | $225-$325
The Hydrafacial is a cult favorite and speaks for itself. Infuses and extracts simultaneously for the healthiest, most glowing skin ever! Boosters are dependent on skins needs.

Biologique Recherche Signature Facials

60-90 min | $250-$425
Extensive 3 step cleanse and skin analysis. This facial is customizable to each client. Utilizes highly active Biologique Recherche skin care from France. Boosters are dependent on the clients skin the day of treatment.

111SKIN Black Diamond Facial

90 min | $400
Created by renowned plastic surgeon this facial has been dubbed the ‘non surgical face lift’. Worth every penny, combines actual black diamond microspheres and peptides to boost collagen and brighten like no other.

111SKIN Clarity Facial

60 min | $250
Formulated to treat acne prone skin.  Combines gentle extractions, high frequency, and a mild Azelaic acid chemical peel to turn over those skin cells and calm inflammation. 

Intraoral/Buccal Massage Facial

60 min | $285
Starts with deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage. The intraoral method works the facial muscles from the outside and the inside of the mouth increasing blood and oxygen flow. Deeply relaxing.

Spongicule All Natural Microneedling Treatment

45 min | $250
Tiny freshwater cultured sponge spicules enter the skin in a cream base, stimulating collagen production in the skin. No needles, no anesthetic, blood free! Gentle and great for all skin types.

Fascial Release Facial

60 min | $250
Fascial adhesions are released during this treatment which improves hydration levels, increases blood and lymph circulation to the tissue. Results are a more relaxed and symmetrical face. Results are cumulative.

SkinPen Microneedling

60 min | $425 (Face & Neck)
First FDA approved Microneedling device in US. Works by creating tiny injuries to the skin to stimulate the bodies natural healing cascade. Great for fine lines, wrinkle, scarring and safe for all skin types. Topical anesthesia is applied before treating.

Booster Menu

Dermaplane $50
AHA Chemical Peel $50
Biologique Recherche $50
Lymphatic Drainage $50
Intraoral/Buccal Massage $50
Hydrafacial Booster Infusion $50
Microcurrent $50
Gua Sha $25
LED Light Treatment (15 min) $25

Don’t know which treatment to choose or how long you should book for? No problem!

60 min | If it's your first treatment with Loren, and/or you are not sure what type of treatment you would like, we recommend that you select 60 minutes, and try to arrive a few minutes early so that Loren can assess your skin and so that you have time to fill out the client intake and consent forms.

90 min | If you are interested in a Biologique Recherche or 111Skin facial OR if you would like your facial to include multiple treatment (e.g. eyebrows and hydrafacial, dermaplane and hydrafacial, lymphatic drainage and eyebrows, etc.), we suggest scheduling a 90 minute facial.  

**A $50 deposit is required to secure all facial appointments, regardless of the time duration selected.  This deposit will be deducted from your total facial price and is non refundable if cancelled within 24 hour timeframe.**  

About Loren

Loren received her esthetic license from the distinguished Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute in 2009. But this was merely the beginning of her ascent to the pinnacle of the esthetics world. With an arsenal of elite certifications, she boasts expertise in avant-garde procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Hydrafacial MD, dermaplaning, facial lymphatic, microcurrent, and cutting-edge laser technologies. Her adeptness further shines through her training in the Sculptural Lifting/Intraoral technique, under the aegis of the globally recognized Yakov Gershkovich.

For over a decade, she worked side-by-side with top board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. There, she procured knowledge of the skin in both the medical and cosmetic world of skin. Intertwining medical knowledge with a more holistic approach into the cosmetic facial industry as she went for certifications in facial lymphatic drainage, fascial release method and facial gua sha technique.

Today, as the leading light of the Wellground Sanctuary, Loren offers every client a tailored treatment for each to achieve their zenith of skin health and beauty.