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About Us

The Wellground was founded by Manda Kovar and Lanie Marcus in Port Washington, New York, in June 2019. With a combined background in fashion, beauty, wellness, and finance, the two friends cater to curious, dynamic women in their community and beyond, and have created a world that is at once on trend, yet original.

The space offers a thoughtfully curated experience that includes clothing, shoes, home, wellness, beauty, and gift items. Another special component are the wellness services– ranging from coveted facialists, crystal healers, brow specialists, hair stylists, makeup artists and amazing aestheticians, all by appointment.

 “We believe that retail shopping is changing and consumers want an experience when they’re shopping, from the décor to the overall vibe, and that is what we are doing at The Wellground.” –Manda Kovar

“The Wellground embodies the good parts of both of us - it is rooted in Manda’s health and wellness knowledge and reflects her elegant style, and my own bohemian sensibility. It is completely untraditional, just like us.” – Lanie Marcus

Store Hours
Monday-Friday: 10-5
Saturday: 11-5
Sunday: by appointment only

Contact Us
(516) 570-2524