This Is Us...

The founders, Manda Kovar and Lanie Marcus, have backgrounds in fashion, beauty, wellness and finance. They are moms who moved out of New York City to the suburbs of Long Island, New York. 

Manda, with three boys, and Lanie, with three boys and two girls, were constantly being asked where to find what they were wearing, eating, drinking or using on their skin.  Fast forward ten years, with their kids in school all day, Manda and Lanie, both looking for a creative outlet, decide to bring their favorite things together in a beautifully decorated space that reflects their aesthetic and commitment to wellness.  

Wellground's private boutique is located in Port Washington, NY and is open by appointment and for lifestyle shopping and wellness experiences.  The experiences include wellness and beauty experts with curated shopping.  Manda and Lanie scour the globe for their top picks in each area and do not stock more than two of each size, so they typically sell out the event in a matter of hours.